Without you what would we do!

Imagine a hardworking job at an age of 50 or 60s which requires utmost patience and alertness to the core with no fixed timings or schedule.

Sounds very tough isn’t it? But there are kind big hearted people doing for every working mother. YES, its grandparents.

Right from the baby (grandson/granddaughter) is born, its not only US who got into this crazy ride of parenting , it was THEM who got ready for second phase of parenting. With being less strict, being more loved since they see their own children in the new born and all those 30 years(more or less) flashes their heart.

I cant forget the excitement when my dad bought those tiny weeny new born clothes and was so excited. When we stepped into our house with our baby the whole house has changed with new sheets, new cradle, new room arrangement and what not. Their breath became this baby. Who else would love our children more than us ?? Of course these souls:) –> THANK YOU for that!

Every month, our children reached a milestone they would be so excited and talk about it all day. When people around us makes us worry when our children not reaching a milestone on time, look behind there would be backing us–> THANK YOU for this.

At 5.5 months when I had to join back work and leave the baby for 12-13 hours, those assuring words made me feel better. To all grandparents with those assuring words THANK YOU:)

Leaving a sick baby and stepping out is the most heartbreaking incident in every woman life and THANK YOU for that support because I need not worry and know that child is taken care of.

Sacrificing all Television and missing all calls received for whole lot of about 2. 5 years and still counting –> BIG THANK YOU for that:)

Respecting our parenting decisions on products to be used, learning materials and many more –> THANK YOU for this:)

And how do I forget, managing the tantrums whole day and still coming back everyday morning with loads of love to their grandchildren –> HUGE THANK YOU:)

To all parents out here, once you reach home from work please spend atleast ten to fifteen minutes to listen about all that happened in the whole day. It makes a huge difference to grandparents who are pushing hard to do their second time parenting with lesser energy and physical strength.

WITHOUT YOU, WHAT WE WOULD DO>>> HUGE BOW and RESPECT to all grandparents all over world.

Our favourite Julia Donaldson books !

In an era where everyone is using mobile as an alternative for alarm clock, an alternative for calculator, an alternative of laptop and what not! How do we save our young brains from screen free life and help them learn things better? It’s none other than books . Reading is the greatest habit and gift we could give to our babies.

Here are the list of our favourite books

Goat goes to the playgroup by Julia Donaldson

If your toddler is new to the playgroup or about join one. This book is a keeper.its all about commotion in the classroom as goat and other animals go the playgroup.

It talks about various activities like using musical instruments,painting , dressing up ofcourse with messing up all these and many more.

The last page shows the moms/ dad’s of various animals coming to pick their toddlers. My toddler loves this page and says amma !!!!( Mom!!).

It’s her current favorite and we read it almost 5-6 times a day !

The highway rat

Its about a highway rat who is baddie who keeps riding through the highway and steals the travellers/animals food.

This is repeated statements at every end of the page like highway went riding, riding , riding which makes the toddler loves the whole thing.

Also,it comes with a moral that if we make someone suffer, someone it would come back like a boomerang to us.

The what the ladybird heard song

The best book for singing along with the toddlers. It’s about a ladybird and her animal friends for a fun singsong.

Ladybird makes a plan with other animals to catch the thieves and it involves the sound of every animal. This would really excite the toddlers and more fun is a guarantee.

One mole digging a hole

If you want to introduce gardening to your dear toddler and make it more fun. Her is the book for you.

It’s all about animals helping each other to make the garden clean. There is lot of countings, animals and butterflies. This book is so colorful and we love it.

Room on the broom

This the most interactive book with loads of action for toddlers. It’s about a witch who sits on broomstick initially with a cat and on how other animals join them on the broom.

The fun begins when the broom breaks into two and the animals save the witch from the dragon.

In turn finally, the broom turns to be magnificent with seats for each of the animals. The pictures are so good which toddlers could relate. Must buy

These are few of our favourite Julia Donaldson books. Do give it a read and let us know what you think 😃

Happy reading ❤️

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Father – symbol of love❤️

When a child is born a father is born as well.

As Father’s day is fast approaching I wanted to write about it today. My dad is the bestest says every daughter in the world inspite of all the works and chores done by the mother the whole day.

I wonder sometimes how it could happen. Have you seen a new born baby settling down to sleep after his/her father rocks? It’s the magical touch of love and warmth. Also their affection is never fully expressed to us . Maybe men are designed that way!

My pillar of strength

When things go right , my dad says enjoy but don’t believe it to stay like this forever.At an age of 29, when things goes terribly wrong my dad’s pat on my shoulder works like saline to my body. He never comments on anything but when he does there is surely a thought beneath it. He would never disagree to my point during my weak periods but just keeps telling if this door is shut, the other door which is opened for me is nearby . Go search for it kanna. Yes he calls me like that even now.


Who said dad’s arent emotional , you don’t see them talking to you daily ?? You feel they show no interest on your proceedings? You are totally wrong. In my case I realised really late. There was a point in my pregnancy where the doctor says c- section is the only option . From that day you should see my dad’s reaction , he felt terrible for a knife attacking me soon.(no , don’t judge is a fighter and has seen things like this earlier ).after my operation,when everyone was talking about the baby it took 2 whole months for my dad to get out of the trauma of my operation.he never expressed this to me but I know 😃 when I heard it I felt really appa! ( Just in case you read this now ) . You know I love you unconditionally.


My dad is totally selfless. He never ever asks me for a help. He wouldn’t even scold me for the mistake I did. I see on an everyday basis, how aging is taking a toll on him, but he still helps in everything and says call me I will there wherever you are ! Aren’t the dad’s the dearest ??

Announcement as a father

Little I know how a guy feels when he becomes a dad until a friend of us delivered a child and her husband was with her on the labour room.he called us and the conversation goes like this miracle , I just can’t believe it and he was just awestruck at the beauty of birth and woman power.its the sweetest thing I have heard and imagine a guy talking with all emotions after 12 hours of delivery.

On a personal front , when my daughter had arrived to this world, the doctor took her to show to my husband stating ” who is that daddy who wanted the baby girl”? And he remembers this every day and says it is the most memorable day in his life and would remember it till his death bed. Aren’t father’s cutest?? Or men become cutest when they become father’s ??

Daughters are special

Dad’s with daughters are the most amazing combination. Because my dad has taken care of me in all special ways possible right from making me get ready for the school, washing my dirty uniforms, gave me tremors when my rank card has ranks greater than 3 , made me the best bread toast and dosa with excess of ghee and jam( yes I literally can empty a jam bottle in 5 minutes), gave me secret treats to ice cream parlour, gave me courage to stand in front of the waves, painted my nails every Saturday and still dropping me to office/school/colleges. Life is nothing but memories with you appa❤️

Father as a grandfather

When fathers are sweet , the grandfather’s are the sweetest with no doubt. I see it when my child and father get together. She is about 2 years old and treats him as his friend. My dad is generally a terror person to people who know him only partially. For all those of you, please visit him now with his granddaughter. You could sense the affection, love and proudness on his face.when he says his ” vedhu” that pride on his face is priceless.appa is the most affectionate person on Earth and most dearest for my daughter.she could just keep playing with him whole day and not forget their secret plans for chocolates have already started 😃❤️

I could keep writing for hours , but I let you go hug your dad . They don’t express but they need it. They won’t ask you anything but a cup of coffee with you gives them a million dollar smile. If you are away from them, a call for ten minutes with your dad will let him think about it for a month. Don’t think he is not talking to you, he is listening to all stories from our mothers and pouring us the affectionate rains without you realising it ❤️

Happy fathers day to all dear daddy’s ! Special wishes to my father and my husband you guys are the best without you we can’t survive..

Love you loads dadddyyyy !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Long live you !

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Our D-Day!

It’s a big day today!! An achievement I would say?:D Lol J We are stepping into 4th year of our marriage life today.

Every time I think about this, it brings back memories of our D- day. Ours was a typical arranged marriage but no one would believe when we say it 😉 we had a huge gap of 8 months between our engagement and weddingJ. Hence, it was a really huge countdown to bring it to June 7th, 2015J.

We had parents who are super organized so my shopping began well in advance by January in Kanchipuram with my parents and in laws. We had a super day eating out, shopping till end of the date. The Nine yards saree is a very special saree in our Tambrahm community and I wanted to wear purple with green combination but our elders were super nice to me and convinced me that the traditional maroon looked great on me! Trust me, the feeling of touching that saree gave me the feeling of a married womanJ.

And in a couple of months , we completed shopping for our family members and we were with list of people for invitation (it was never ending) and for my husband’s side it was like hanuman’s tail (The longest). But it was indeed a special feeling having so many people around you on your Big D-Day. And I was happy we were blessed with so many of themJ.

I had bridal sessions starting from middle of April and my mil came all along with my mom to see my trail makeup for the big day. It was super-duper funJ .

Wondering what my husband is doing? He was coming every weekend to Chennai from Bangalore and never did a thing for wedding until end of April. Because he is the coolest man on earth and would raise all our hypertension but get the work done in style. He chose his reception dress like that and I must admit it was the best.

Me and my husband went for shopping my reception saree with his close friend (who is a beautiful, stylish woman) and bought a lehenga saree in a popular store on cathedral roadJ. Do you know what big problem I had? I didn’t want pink but ended up getting one:D

Soon all invitations were distributed and our rituals began in full swing J with lot of relatives coming in. Must say I realized the value of people that day, Its not the money or material that keeps anyone fulfilled on occasions, its a bunch of people.

Afternoon of 5 th June, my mehendi aunty arrived we had great fun with lot of cousins and relatives around. And there were friends landing on the same night to be a part of my D- day. That night I was thoroughly thrilled and excited.

We took three cars to the marriage hall and headed to the big venue. In life its great to see your parents name and our names as banners. Butterflies were fluttering inside my stomach. Quickly dressed up for the first ritual and where in at a point my dad says a mantra where he agrees to change my gothram and touches me. That moment it was like someone was taking away me from daddy. Emotionally high we were at this point.

Soonish the parlor lady arrives to make me get ready for engagement, by this time the marriage hall was filled with numerous people and of course I had peeped to see what my man was doing on the other side and got caught with my cousins. Got dressed up in an awesome blue saree with full on makeup for the very first time in life. And sat next to him yes yes eyes met and we spoke too. We changed our costumes after a brief ritual and wore a purple brown saree and he remained in the same shirt. Bad know! We had photo shoots outside the hall and it was really fun and its was tough for my husband for posing with me since I was totally bad at it. We had shoots with our friends too and laughed aloud.

We have yummy lunches post that with our cousins and parents and soon it was time for reception. It was going to a huge crowd that we were expecting. And our parents were so strict that we get on to the stage on time and wouldn’t let anyone wait for us. Yes first time ever, we were on time and hold hands together to the brilliantly decorated stage. From stage all I could see were people and people who have been with us for all good and bad along with friends and colleagues of both parents. Almost 5 hours on stage we stood with our legs aching and stomach growling. There was a cake bought by our brother in law and his friends gang. We had fun with the younger group and it was mind blowing with all the celebration around. Finally, we thulped our dinner and lied off. I slept with my parents and felt something was hitting me hard. Tomorrow my surname and all other routines would change and all the usual feelings of the bride hit me. None of us(mom, dad and me) never slept. The D- day arrived, June 7 th 2015 with all musical instruments, flowers, stage, brand new saree and of course people. We woke up by 2.30 and was getting ready from 3 AM, yes brides are really pity to really wake up(next time you see some bride please don’t complain, do leave a nice comment if you can).

My husband was in our traditional dhoti style and we had a garland exchange ritual where the bride and groom are carried by people and its super fun since we go back and forth to put around each other’s neck. Finally, we sat in our swing(oonjal) and next game was with different ladoos that elderly people take around us and throw around so that all evil eyes don’t fall on the bride and the groom(as per our tradition). We were also served with banana and milk.

Thereafter we entered the stage and I sat on my daddy’s lap and my husband was standing opposite to me, performing the change of gothram with a stick of rod and mantras, tears started to flood but my husband controls it by showing his eyes. Quickly I was given the proud saree, the nine yards by the priests. The nine yards were wore in seconds by one of my aunts and all the accessories were changed by my dear cousins in seconds. And yes the time arrived. Again, I went to the stage and sat on daddy’s lap and my husband was asked to tie the knot. He went showing to all of them in the hall from stage and was asked to come quickly. I told you right he is the coolest guy. And yes he finally tied the knot and we officially became husband and wife and I was officially know as Mrs. Srinivas…..

Behind me, I could see my mom crying so badly hugging her sister and I could see the real happiness from my dad after so many years. And everyone around us were so happy. When I entered my bride’s room all my cousins were already there and gave me a roar with congratulations. Also, I am really close to my own mama and he hugged me and cried like we did it after all he was the pillar of my parents during the whole process of wedding. We had a photo-shoot outside the hall with all cousins and friends and had poses like tug of war, jumping high up in the air and pose on cycle. It was indeed super fun and a great day to remember.

Finally had lunch with my husband(officially, yessss) and my parents. I could sense the fulfillment in their eyes and we were so happy.

Thus, we began our wonderful journey of marriage and now we are here stepping into 4 th year of wedding life with our beloved daughter.

Enroute happiness !!

“HAPPINESS IS A JOURNEY AND NOT A DESTINATION” is my favouirte quote in the recent times. Each of us are wandering in different directions as per our choices and preferences in search of this beautiful thing.

Joy of small things put together comes as happiness package and not the fatty account balance or the skinny body for me ! And ofcourse,it’s the only thing in the world when shared is going to be doubled or tripled 😃

Train journey

In this busy world, imagine a beautiful night train journey with soothing breeze and shining moon along with your favourite song plugged in😀that sense of calmness and peace is what helps me to feel the inner happiness.


Seeing their smile and contentment is all that brings in happiness for me. That proudness when I graduated, that emotional hug when I got my first job, that pat which helps me overcome my hurdles, lying down on their lap and relaxing. It’s the heaven on Earth and what more I could ask for ! 😀


Yes I am a working mother but when I Excel in my job inspite of all family circumstances. I feel the super power in me and that confidence level gives me the real sweet of happiness.


Haha:) shocked with this one ?? Buaaaahhhh😂😂 we fight like Tom and Jerry all day all night. But end of the day,I know he loves me truly madly deeply and accepts me as is! Also , this guy of mine never ever would complain about me to anyone in the whole universe and when I say I am rude he chuckles and says is it so? My wife is always a sweetheart;)real happiness that keeps us going stronger !


That cute little bump, that tiny gas bubbles movements, those hard and awesome kicks,those scans, those cravings, those special treatment from everyone around us 😉 gave me the real happiness

Beaches and ice creams

I am person who doesn’t hang out that great so easily. But I love beaches forever . That sense of peace, that sense of enjoyment be it in the evening or nights is really mind blowing..it rejuvenates me completely!

Oh yeah I am mad with ice creams , give a ice cream a day I am gonna wish you luck for millions of years 😂thats happiness after eating is a sense of fulfillment.


People who are honest and doesn’t talk behind my back. They are the bestest kind of all and whenever I see them the happiness spreads and multiples.


Yes, you heard it right ? Being a lazy goose I love cooking. Cooking helps me to enhance my mood and makes me so happy. My happiness doubles when my husband , parents and child likes it and says yummm😀 because all of them saying together is a costly affair 😜.


My child is the major source of happiness same as any other mother in the universe. That moment when she was born and I kissed her , it’s the real moment of happiness and I will and can feel it forever and ever! Everytime she achieved a milestone that Glee smile of hers gives a pure joy.Everytime she learns good habits and keeps it up it gives me immense pleasure. And those million dollars kisses and hugs are worth the happiness that a universe can feel 😀.

And the list seems to be endless and it bought happiness to me. Hope it bought a smile on you as well❤️

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Two lines that changed our lives forever !

Are you wondering if I am gonna share wonderful quotes from various books and tell you guys how it influenced me ! Nah 😊

Well,it was somewhere about mid of October 2015 where I didn’t even have a stamina to walk for one KM to catch my bus. and it was hardly four months I have got married . I was really wondering that my self cooking has got me down totally! Yes I never entered kitchen before my marriage and all I carried was running notes when Mom was dictating me the basic recipes.

It went ON for a week and finally it was one week before our first Diwali my mom calls me to ask if everything is ok and if I had got my periods so that we can visit temples during Diwali. I said NO, and that’s where she said go get a home pregnancy kit and TEST! I was like what??? Are you kidding ?

The whole night I was thinking whether to test it or NOT. And finally the next evening went to a nearby medical shop to get the kit. My heart was literally racing and my hands were trembling. Numerous thoughts were inside me , where one part of my heart wanted it to be a YES and the other wasn’t ready to take a NO.

At this point I haven’t told my husband yet because i know he would say don’t do! Secretly kept the kit inside on one of our shelves and went to sleep and decided that I will test one day later.

However , I couldn’t hide longer from him because I can’t hide anything from my face.He came to me and asked what’s bothering me ? Thank God I was just waiting for this chance ! Bomb! I said both our mothers wants me to check for pregnancy before we travel for first Diwali. He was thrilled as well shocked and asked me are you sure you what to check ? I said YES.

Next what we did was reading instructions together and I had already asked all my queries to one of my besties tamilselvi😊

Trust me that night was the longest ever for me! I just wanted that night to break into Dawn and check it. I couldn’t sleep even a bit. My heart was racing and praying .finally it was around 4.30 am I woke up my sleepy goose husband to ask if we could check . He was so shocked to see me wide awake( because I never wake up early 😜) and I was like I want to check right away. My work done! He also became as tensed as me. We wished each other luck and at 5AM I went to bathroom to check it. My hands were trembling heart was beating faster and yesssss the two lines appeared on the KIT. We both jumped in joy💑

We both were so relieved and as well awestruck at that point. I called up my friend Tamil and asked her to confirm if it’s really true on what we are seeing around 6.15 am she confirmed.

Hurray !!!!!❤️ Those two lines now is sleeping next to me cuddling me tightly for her afternoon nap !

And our life changed ever after 🏵️☘️🐾👨‍👩‍👧

A letter to my daughter ❤️

My dear child ,

It’s gonna be almost 2.9 years ( including the time you were inside my tummy) and like any other to be moms I had planned so many things for you !

Little I did know about the reality of a tiny one who is gonna change our lives forever.

I just can’t forget the day I saw you for the first time! Those pinky tiny feet made me go awww❤️

I was a person who couldn’t survive a day without 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep but during your initial months you taught me that I can do it and the power came through your baby smell and toothless grins . You became the BOSS of our house !

I have never been proud about owning anything in my life . But I saw myself change whenever you achieved a milestone, whenever you never gave up when you tried new things , whenever you did things even better than me ❤️

Slowly and steadily my preferences changed from my wardrobe in fact I was happy with pyjamas all day and was concentrating each and everything of yours right from diapers .

You are my best teacher , there were hurdles in initial months for both of us. There was even a point where doctor wasn’t sure of what had happened . You struggled and overcame all those hurdles ❤️ You are the REAL fighter !From bottom of my heart I am really lucky to have as my daughter.

I had to join back work in 5.5 months and was worried how you would manage . But you did a great job of getting accustomed to all changes in no time !

Thank you for that smile, that laughter ,that baby language, that baby smell, that baby touch, those kicks in my belly and for the name as vedhu mom 🤩.

You are my everything and ofcourse I would yell at you a million times for the tantrums you throw but I love you truly madly deeply my kunjali papa ❤️

Yours lovingly ,

Vedhu mom

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