Enroute happiness !!

“HAPPINESS IS A JOURNEY AND NOT A DESTINATION” is my favouirte quote in the recent times. Each of us are wandering in different directions as per our choices and preferences in search of this beautiful thing.

Joy of small things put together comes as happiness package and not the fatty account balance or the skinny body for me ! And ofcourse,it’s the only thing in the world when shared is going to be doubled or tripled 😃

Train journey

In this busy world, imagine a beautiful night train journey with soothing breeze and shining moon along with your favourite song plugged in😀that sense of calmness and peace is what helps me to feel the inner happiness.


Seeing their smile and contentment is all that brings in happiness for me. That proudness when I graduated, that emotional hug when I got my first job, that pat which helps me overcome my hurdles, lying down on their lap and relaxing. It’s the heaven on Earth and what more I could ask for ! 😀


Yes I am a working mother but when I Excel in my job inspite of all family circumstances. I feel the super power in me and that confidence level gives me the real sweet of happiness.


Haha:) shocked with this one ?? Buaaaahhhh😂😂 we fight like Tom and Jerry all day all night. But end of the day,I know he loves me truly madly deeply and accepts me as is! Also , this guy of mine never ever would complain about me to anyone in the whole universe and when I say I am rude he chuckles and says is it so? My wife is always a sweetheart;)real happiness that keeps us going stronger !


That cute little bump, that tiny gas bubbles movements, those hard and awesome kicks,those scans, those cravings, those special treatment from everyone around us 😉 gave me the real happiness

Beaches and ice creams

I am person who doesn’t hang out that great so easily. But I love beaches forever . That sense of peace, that sense of enjoyment be it in the evening or nights is really mind blowing..it rejuvenates me completely!

Oh yeah I am mad with ice creams , give a ice cream a day I am gonna wish you luck for millions of years 😂thats happiness after eating is a sense of fulfillment.


People who are honest and doesn’t talk behind my back. They are the bestest kind of all and whenever I see them the happiness spreads and multiples.


Yes, you heard it right ? Being a lazy goose I love cooking. Cooking helps me to enhance my mood and makes me so happy. My happiness doubles when my husband , parents and child likes it and says yummm😀 because all of them saying together is a costly affair 😜.


My child is the major source of happiness same as any other mother in the universe. That moment when she was born and I kissed her , it’s the real moment of happiness and I will and can feel it forever and ever! Everytime she achieved a milestone that Glee smile of hers gives a pure joy.Everytime she learns good habits and keeps it up it gives me immense pleasure. And those million dollars kisses and hugs are worth the happiness that a universe can feel 😀.

And the list seems to be endless and it bought happiness to me. Hope it bought a smile on you as well❤️

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Two lines that changed our lives forever !

Are you wondering if I am gonna share wonderful quotes from various books and tell you guys how it influenced me ! Nah 😊

Well,it was somewhere about mid of October 2015 where I didn’t even have a stamina to walk for one KM to catch my bus. and it was hardly four months I have got married . I was really wondering that my self cooking has got me down totally! Yes I never entered kitchen before my marriage and all I carried was running notes when Mom was dictating me the basic recipes.

It went ON for a week and finally it was one week before our first Diwali my mom calls me to ask if everything is ok and if I had got my periods so that we can visit temples during Diwali. I said NO, and that’s where she said go get a home pregnancy kit and TEST! I was like what??? Are you kidding ?

The whole night I was thinking whether to test it or NOT. And finally the next evening went to a nearby medical shop to get the kit. My heart was literally racing and my hands were trembling. Numerous thoughts were inside me , where one part of my heart wanted it to be a YES and the other wasn’t ready to take a NO.

At this point I haven’t told my husband yet because i know he would say don’t do! Secretly kept the kit inside on one of our shelves and went to sleep and decided that I will test one day later.

However , I couldn’t hide longer from him because I can’t hide anything from my face.He came to me and asked what’s bothering me ? Thank God I was just waiting for this chance ! Bomb! I said both our mothers wants me to check for pregnancy before we travel for first Diwali. He was thrilled as well shocked and asked me are you sure you what to check ? I said YES.

Next what we did was reading instructions together and I had already asked all my queries to one of my besties tamilselvi😊

Trust me that night was the longest ever for me! I just wanted that night to break into Dawn and check it. I couldn’t sleep even a bit. My heart was racing and praying .finally it was around 4.30 am I woke up my sleepy goose husband to ask if we could check . He was so shocked to see me wide awake( because I never wake up early 😜) and I was like I want to check right away. My work done! He also became as tensed as me. We wished each other luck and at 5AM I went to bathroom to check it. My hands were trembling heart was beating faster and yesssss the two lines appeared on the KIT. We both jumped in joy💑

We both were so relieved and as well awestruck at that point. I called up my friend Tamil and asked her to confirm if it’s really true on what we are seeing around 6.15 am she confirmed.

Hurray !!!!!❤️ Those two lines now is sleeping next to me cuddling me tightly for her afternoon nap !

And our life changed ever after 🏵️☘️🐾👨‍👩‍👧

A letter to my daughter ❤️

My dear child ,

It’s gonna be almost 2.9 years ( including the time you were inside my tummy) and like any other to be moms I had planned so many things for you !

Little I did know about the reality of a tiny one who is gonna change our lives forever.

I just can’t forget the day I saw you for the first time! Those pinky tiny feet made me go awww❤️

I was a person who couldn’t survive a day without 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep but during your initial months you taught me that I can do it and the power came through your baby smell and toothless grins . You became the BOSS of our house !

I have never been proud about owning anything in my life . But I saw myself change whenever you achieved a milestone, whenever you never gave up when you tried new things , whenever you did things even better than me ❤️

Slowly and steadily my preferences changed from my wardrobe in fact I was happy with pyjamas all day and was concentrating each and everything of yours right from diapers .

You are my best teacher , there were hurdles in initial months for both of us. There was even a point where doctor wasn’t sure of what had happened . You struggled and overcame all those hurdles ❤️ You are the REAL fighter !From bottom of my heart I am really lucky to have as my daughter.

I had to join back work in 5.5 months and was worried how you would manage . But you did a great job of getting accustomed to all changes in no time !

Thank you for that smile, that laughter ,that baby language, that baby smell, that baby touch, those kicks in my belly and for the name as vedhu mom 🤩.

You are my everything and ofcourse I would yell at you a million times for the tantrums you throw but I love you truly madly deeply my kunjali papa ❤️

Yours lovingly ,

Vedhu mom

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